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Dahan Canine Education Center

We evaluate where your dog is on the canine scale

We evaluate the exact type of character & temperament your dog has

  • We evaluate to see the strong and weak points and use that in the training program.
  • We evaluate to see what is expected and if its possible to attain the goals of the owners.
  • We evaluate the living arrangements according to the needs of the owners, or to restructure to correct certain behavioral issues that have risen because of the liberty the dog has had.
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Our History

I remember when my parents many years ago brought home this adorable dog, i was very young and fascinated and spend endless hours playing with him. The amount of time i spend was unbelievable, i was hooked.

Over many years i realized how much love i have towards all animals and how it had grown and multiplied to the point i wanted to be in that field.

Through my life i always owned a dog, and one day I met a special two and a half month old rescued pit bull mix. Her name was cricket and she had a lot of attitude even at that very young age. She was very dominant, and especially aggressive when she didn’t get her way. I could not control my own dog, and I did not want to give up, so I called a trainer who helped me to the best he could. But she needed more attention and more professional training.

Then I met this incredible master dog trainer, behaviorist Harry Kalajian. He help me during the classes and showed me how to be a leader. I started to see a difference and then he introduced me to different techniques that worked amazingly. His approach and with a lot of patience my dog and I begun to be happy and balanced. This experience opened my heart and wanted to make a difference to others as Harry Kalajian did with me.

I decided to become one of his students and took his course to become a professional trainer at the Montreal Dog Trainers Network. To teach people & their dogs one must understand behavior of their dog and to be patient, calm and persistent. You could have the perfect dog, my goal is to help people and their pets have the best relationship with their dog. I have been taught and followed all phases under Harry Kalajian, master dog trainer/ behaviorist of the Montreal Dog Trainers Network

Sandra Dahan

My name is Sandra and as a trainer and behaviorist i would like to share my knowledge with you in training and behavioral modification.

Dog Training has become a necessity for today’s dog and for their safety. My school is about training dogs and their owners so both can live a stress free life living under the same roof. Our clients are mostly based in Ile Perrot, ND l’ile perrot, Pincourt, Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil Dorion, St- lazare, Hudson and Rigaud. We do offer dog training class in Montreal and we will go as far as laval.

All my services are rendered in the environment where the dog lives since most unwanted behavior is exhibited in the home and/or the streets. I always begin with an an evaluation & consultation and answer all the family’s questions. After the evaluation i will be able to narrow down what is needed and the procedure best suited for your dog to achieve the needed results.

I don’t use one technique or one procedure. Just like people all dogs have different characters and temperaments and we need to go according to that. I will use which ever training equipment will be best suited since their is not one method better then the other.

Since all unwanted behaviors are the result of no Obedience training, that will be the 1st step. Also remember that 85% of all unwanted behavior will automatically get correct /modified with the proper obedience training.


Montreal’s Dog Training School

Dahan Canine Education Center

Behaviour Solutions & Modification

We offer different programs & classes with different techniques to better any behavior.

Obedience Levels 1-2-3

It is normal for a puppy or dog to misbehave if it has never been to obedience training. Therefore, it is never to late to start training your dog!


Going away on business or holiday and don't know what to do with your pet(s)? You are at the right place!

Protection Training

We elevate the dog’s instinct to protect it's home or it's family.

Board & Train

You can board your dog for a certain amount of time for us to work with your dogs to teach them basic obedience, as well as correcting some common behavior problems.

CPR classes

CPR stands for 'cardiopulmonary resuscitation' and is a life-saving procedure used to help dogs that have stopped breathing and/or have no heartbeat.

Dahan Canine Education Center

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