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Dog Agility is a unique sport that promotes a bond with your dog, provides an opportunity for both of you to exercise and it’s FUN! Dogs have a unique relationship with humans, and training your dog in dog agility is a way to strengthen that bond.

Any size dog can do agility as the jumps are lowered for the smaller dogs (based upon shoulder height).


How it works

Understanding your pet.

Because of the high level of training required it is mandatory that you and your dog attend one of our obedience classes before starting agility training.

There can be few more fun ways of bonding with your dog and working as a partnership than by running an agility course together.

On an agility course no treats or toys can be used as incentives; voice, movement and body commands alone must get you and your dog round the course.

This requires an exceptional understanding between you and your dog.

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Behaviour Solutions & Modification

We offer different programs & classes with different techniques to better any behavior.

Obedience Levels 1-2-3

It is normal for a puppy or dog to misbehave if it has never been to obedience training. Therefore, it is never to late to start training your dog!


Going away on business or holiday and don't know what to do with your pet(s)? You are at the right place!

Protection Training

We elevate the dog’s instinct to protect it's home or it's family.

Board & Train

You can board your dog for a certain amount of time for us to work with your dogs to teach them basic obedience, as well as correcting some common behavior problems.

CPR classes

CPR stands for 'cardiopulmonary resuscitation' and is a life-saving procedure used to help dogs that have stopped breathing and/or have no heartbeat.

Build a stronger bond with your companion

Training your dog in dog agility is a way to strengthen that bond