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How to do CPR on your pet

A Note From Adriana Carlos

1st Step: Lay the dog on its side, right or left doesn’t matter

2nd Step: Assess breathing : Check mucous membranes, observe the chest for up and down movement.

If not breathing open the mouth and stick out his tongue,  look for any obstruction and remove it if present

If object can’t be reached perform  Heimlich maneuver. CPR can’t be performed if airways are blocked.

3rd Step: Give 4 quick breaths: Close the mouth and breath into the nostrils, try to keep the head and neck aligned with the back.

4th Step: Check for pulse through femoral artery (on the inside of the leg)

5th  Step: Give 15 compression for 2 breathing, compression should be 1/3  to 1/2 of the chest width and delivered quickly in a cough-like fashion.

6th step: (Optional) Abdominal counterpressure suggested if there is no intra-abdominal pathology.


Then get to your veterinary’s office or emergency clinic ASAP

Adriana highly recommends pet owners to sign up for a pet CPR / First Aid course.

Adriana Carlos has extended her class across Canada & Mexico.


Dog CPR course

With the aid of a dummy in this hands on course you will practice

  • CPR step by step
  • Heimlich maneuver
  • The right amount of pressure during chest compression
  • Artificial respiration
  • How to check for pulse

CPR, First Aid and Household Hazards course

The course is designed to teach you what to do in case of an emergency and how to stabilize your pet before you can head to your Vet’s office

With the aid of a power point presentation we will explore

  • Anatomy of dog’s & cat’s respiratory tract, heart and surroundings in a simple form
  • Most common respiratory problems that can arise based on breed’s anatomy
  • Normal vital signs, how to recognize when CPR is needed
  • Facts about CPR
  • Differentials between Respiratory Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Arrest and examples
  • How to manage heat stroke (hyperthermia)
  • How to manage hypothermia
  • Heimlich maneuver
  • The theory of CPR step by step, with specific location on cardiac compression pending on breed  or species
  • Most common household hazards, in this section we will cover prevention on food toxicity, cleaners and choking hazards.

With the aid of a dummy you will practice

  • CPR step by step
  • The right amount of pressure during chest compression
  • Artificial respiration
  • How to check for pulse
  • How to approach an injured animal
  • Cuts and how to stop a hemorrhage
  • Right pressure for bandage application

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We offer different programs & classes with different techniques to better any behavior.

Obedience Levels 1-2-3

It is normal for a puppy or dog to misbehave if it has never been to obedience training. Therefore, it is never to late to start training your dog!


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Board & Train

You can board your dog for a certain amount of time for us to work with your dogs to teach them basic obedience, as well as correcting some common behavior problems.

CPR classes

CPR stands for 'cardiopulmonary resuscitation' and is a life-saving procedure used to help dogs that have stopped breathing and/or have no heartbeat.

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